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We are a social organization committed to digital empowerment and which aims at preparing independent, aware and connected young people, who are apt to reprogram the system in which they belong to through the use of technology. We act in partnership with communitarian institutions, libraries and government schools to prepare multipliers who can replicate our programs for the final public. Together we make up a great network of educators, teachers and librarians so as to promote a new awareness and to generate opportunities for young Brazilians. We are present in 7 countries and 9 Brazilian states and so far we have impacted on the life of over 1.68 million lives.


A new logic emerged as part of the digital era and it has establishes the thread of how we communicate, learn, interact and empower our own selves. Young people from this era can challenge the current system and, once they are connected, they can program new solutions to world issues. Our motive is to give a boost to this movement. We wish to expand the array of opportunities for young people placed in socially vulnerable positions through the means of digital empowerment.
Some indexes below reinforce the urgency for our performance:

I can reprogram the world

According to Pnad 2013, 45.7% of Brazilian young people do not graduate from High School until reaching the age of 19.
And, according to UN, Brazil holds 3rd position in the ranking of school dropouts among the 100 countries with the highest HDI (2012).
Besides, young people who neither study nor work account for 24% of the population between the age of 15 and 29 years of age (IBGE/ 2014).


Digital empowerment means using technology as something effective; transforming, empowering self-sufficiency, creativity and collaboration as ways to solve social problems. Once empowered, individuals can also leapfrog from being mere users to becoming creators of technology and consequently discover an immense potential to reprogram their own realities.

Real Life Stories

The Teacher uses games to address interdisciplinary content and programming.

Trying to find a method which would turn school into a more delightful place, the English teacher Aniger Capano embraced technology to provoke and deepen knowledge learned by the Malba Tahan municipal school in Iraja, north zone of Rio de Janeiro.[...]
10 de March de 2017

Young girl who wishes to bring humanized birth to the Complexo do Alemão community

The pursuit of humanized birth delivery has increased in Brazil, a country which still holds records in C-sections. Here, for every 10 deliveries, 8.5 are surgical, while the WHO (World Health Organization), which previously reported that there is[...]
7 de February de 2017

United Women and Reinforcing Dreams

Isabela Souza, 19 years old, changed her own life story once she became aware of the power of technology within the support of women who had suffered from gender-based violence around the country. After she herself had been a victim of this kind of[...]
14 de September de 2016
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The organization was founded from a major campaign to collect computers, “Informatics for Everybody” from the first School of Informatics and Citizenship (EIC) at the Morro Dona Marta community, South zone of Rio de Janeiro, using the methodology inspired by the educator Paulo Freire.


National Expansion

Our Social Action Model is adapted to psychiatric hospitals, jails, young offender institutes, communities who live by river banks, and indigenous communities. Microsoft has become an organization partner and they influence the performance of the organization.


International Expansion

The creation of a social franchising model has gained visibility and capillarity at an extremely fast pace and it is reaching various Latin American countries.



We carried out an unprecedented diagnosis in Brazil in partnership with FGV/RJ. It marked the beginning of its action to influence public policies and to encourage private investments in favor of digital inclusion.



Organization with headquarters in the USA with a focus set on the raising of funds for global expansion.



The launch of our book about our ten year span of social achievements sponsored by Microsoft, in Portuguese, Spanish and English.



The launch of two social businesses as a measure of the global financial crisis: the LAN Project, which put together over 6500 affiliate cyber-cafes for the distribution of educational products and financial inclusion, and the Consulting Project, which provided services to major corporations.



In 2009, with the support of James Wolfensohn, a former World Bank president, the NGO Shabakhat from Jordan was incorporated into the network.



Rodrigo Baggio helped to found Apps for Good Foundation in London (UK) which became a great technology education movement in partnership with educators at schools and learning centers.

Get to know the Apps for good



The Recode network was among the first B corporations in Latin America which have used business power to create a positive impact on the world and to generate a long lasting and shared prosperity for all.



An initiative to foster and strengthen the social business ecosystem which awarded the three best companies with US$10,000 each during the Social Business World Forum, in Rio de Janeiro. During the same year we brought the B System to Brazil.



The event brought together local leaders from favelas with designers, programmers and technology entrepreneurs to develop solutions to social problems faced by the dwellers of the Morro da Providencia favela.

Get to know the event



At the same time in which its management model is revamped, the organization consolidated its methodology based on four steps and inspired by the Brazilian educator Paulo Freire and in the concepts of Full Time Education and Digital Culture.



The Committee for the Democratization of Informatics celebrates its 20th anniversary with innovation of purpose: from inclusion to digital empowerment. As a result, the Recode movement is launched, which is an invitation for young people to reprogram the current system using the standpoint of technology. In six cities around the world, one of them being Rio de Janeiro, we carried out the Start-up Weekend Change Makers, a global entrepreneurism event committed to the creation of social businesses.



It took place during the last week of March, a Social Media campaign marking the evolution of the Digital Inclusion Week, reproduced on a national scale since 2001.


Rodrigo Baggio


The Founder of the Committee for the Democratization of Informatics, Rodrigo is an entrepreneur, an internationally acclaimed figure who has gained over 60 awards. He lives in Sao Francisco (USA).

Elaine Pinheiro


She believes in the value of networking and relationships as the way to build a better world. Her enthusiasm continues in the empowered use that people can make of technology associated with 21st century skills.

Viviane Suhet

Executive Director

She is a great lover of people and of ‘serving’. A Capricorn in her essence, she loves teaching and learning. This is why after 30 years in the retail sector she managed to accumulate all her knowledge and reinvent herself by being an entrepreneur in the third sector.

Andrea Nunes

Operations Director

She is a Business Administrator, consultant and teacher. She has experience in banking and corporations dealing with financial planning and management. Her international experience in education and work strengthen her professional background and language learning.

Ana Paula Lima

Gerente de Plataformas Digitais

Jornalista de formação e “geek” por convicção. Há 16 anos, atua com comunicação digital e mídias sociais, e busca trabalhar com propósito. Praticar Yoga e meditação são seus maiores desafios.

Camila Rocha

Communications Manager

She is passionate about entrepreneurism. She has been active in the development of new businesses, startups and transition organizations for over eight years. She believes that social businesses can change the world and she dreams of economic and social justice for all.

Carla Branco

Connections Manager

She has been performing in the third sector for the past 14 years, in the areas of Culture and Education. Using a bicycle as a form of transport is one of her prime causes. She is the mother of two big boys; she swims and does yoga on a regular basis and dreams about seeing the Guanabara Bay cleaned-up.

Cassiane Lanzoni

Organizational Development Manager

She is from Rio Grande do Sul/south of Brazil. She is a graduate of UFRJ University where she studied Knowledge and Corporate Intelligence Management. She entered the third sector attracted by the possibility in assisting social transformation. She is the mother of two teenagers, and loves being with her family and friends.

Fernanda Pedrosa

Pedagogic Manager

She holds a PhD in Education from PUC University - Rio, where she carried out research related to educational assessment. She is experienced in program coordination, book editing and teacher training.

Rita Jobim

Project Manager

She is a teacher and holds a BA degree in Editorial Production and Literature. She is passionate about education and founded a community university entrance examination course and worked specializing in teacher training and was also the manager at the Rio de Janeiro state education system.

Alessandro Boia

Project Coordinator

He was born in Minas Gerais, which makes him a Mineiro; he lived in São Paulo for 16 years and since 2016 has become a “boy from Rio”. He is a theologian, Physical educator and is a graduate of Business Management; he has always developed parallel activities while in a management role.

Andrea Ribeiro


She is a journalist with a BA from PUC University - Rio; she worked for various new media companies such as TV Brazil, Canal Futura and the national broadsheet O Globo. She was a teacher at the Digital Media Screenplay course offered by NAVE and she produced the programme Globo Ciencia for the duration of four seasons.

Beatriz Teixeira


She is from Para state, a real Paraense in heart and soul; she has lived in Rio since 2007. She holds a BA in law and a MBA in Sustainability. She worked as a lawyer, translator and social responsibility consultant. She enjoys “messing about” with data and figures.

Bruna Nunes

Coordenadora Pedagógica

Cantora nas horas vagas, atua há quase dez anos na área educativa. Não dispensa um bom samba, como também gosta de um bom desafio, especialmente se ele envolver a criação de soluções inovadoras e criativas para a educação.

Camila Garroux

Coordenadora de Pesquisa

Mestranda em Antropologia pela PUC-SP, optou por trabalhar na área de Juventude e Comunicação depois de uma experiência marcante como professora de ballet em favelas de São Paulo. É apaixonada por praia, Yoga, cinema, e pelo Rio, sua nova casa.

Gisela Franco Lachtermacher

Coordenadora de Eventos

Cursou Jornalismo e Relações Internacionais e optou pelas áreas de Marketing/Gente e Gestão em multinacionais de diferentes segmentos. PhD em planos de contingência, como ser mãe feliz de adolescente. Gosta de mar, espaços abertos e livros.

Jannaina Costa

Coordenadora de Comunicação

Jornalista e Mestre em Letras, tem 15 anos de experiência em Educação e Comunicação, nos setores público e privado. Mãe apaixonada, acredita no trabalho com propósito, por isso, migrou para o social, de onde não quer sair mais.

Jeferson Ribeiro Costa

Project Coordinator

He was born in the city of Rio de Janeiro which makes him a Carioca; he has a BA in Business Administration and has been a multidisciplinary professional for more than 18 years specializing in technology and management. He loves movies, extreme sports, travelling and generally enjoying life.

Júlia Tavares

Communications Coordinator

She is a journalist who is specialized in Communications, she found out that she could be a reporter and make a difference at institutions dedicated to social causes. She treasures her long term friends which she has from each corner of the globe and she loves telling (and listening to) stories.

Karina Azambuja Amaral

Financial Coordinator

She was born in the city of Rio de Janeiro which makes her a Carioca; she is a graduate of Finance at the IBMEC, she has worked for over 15 years in the financial area of major corporations. She is the mother of a young boy called Pedro who is lovely and also cheeky. She enjoys being with family, travelling with friends and, above all, taking care of her little man.

Lia Gonsales

Pedagogic Coordinator

A citizen from the city of São Paulo which makes her a Paulistana; she is a psychologist by training and an educator by option. She has been working in the Education field for 15 years and in the Third Sector for the past 5 years. She is passionate about technology and is the mother of little Antonio. She dreams about a better and fairer world for all.

Patrícia Alves


She is a pedagogue; a specialist in Information Technology Applied to Education. She has experience in professional distance education. She is a photographer in her free time and her bags are always packed and ready for a trip.

Talia Aracama

Program Coordinator

She is Spanish from the Basque Country, she moved to Brazil in 2011 after having lived in Paris for 7 years. She is in love with Rio and its landscapes. She is a social assistant and holds a MA in Sociology. She has always been involved in projects associated with youth.

Aline Marques Patrício

Process Analyst

She is a Biologist; she is a graduate in Environmental Management and has extensive experience in administrative activities, management and environmental education and process and human resources management. She loves fine wine, travelling and being with family and friends.

Ana Gonzalez

Digital Platform Analyst

She is a publicist and photographer; she has worked at advertising agencies in the areas of planning, photojournalism, audio visual production and creation. She has had a rock program on the radio and she entered the social area teaching musicalization to children.

Deborah Piller


She holds a BA in Cinema however has been working with projects that involve youth and education for four years. She loves watching movies and TV series and loves to trek in and around Rio de Janeiro.

Ilca Bandeira


She is a librarian; she is from Nova Iguaçu, Baixada Fluminense - Rio (and very proud of it). She focuses on working for public and community libraries. She is a Gemini and loves the Rio de Janeiro Carnival and a good natter with an ice-cold beer.

Larissa Sicchieroli

Programs Analyst

She is from Rio de Janeiro city which makes her a Carioca, she holds a BA in Social Service by the UFRJ, where she underwent two years of research and extension in Human Rights Education at UFRJ. She believes in social transformation through Education. She is passionate about animals, music, ballet and chocolate.

Manuela Roitman

Brand Analyst

She is a designer with ten years of experience in design companies, municipal companies, NGOs and also as a self-employed designer. She enjoys cooking, reading and playing with her cat Lili.

Tatiana Fernandes

Analista de Comunicação

Carioca, formada em Jornalismo, tem experiência como repórter e em marketing corporativo. Adora trabalhar no terceiro setor, pois acredita em trabalho com causa social. Nas horas vagas, gosta de viajar, cozinhar e estar em contato com a natureza.

Cleide Porto

Analista de Comunicação

Administradora com pós em gestão de projetos. Atuou em diversas empresas nas áreas de relacionamento, marketing e administrativo. Carioca, adora gente, gosta de praia, futebol, viajar e sair com os amigos.

Elvis Ferreira

Financial and Administrative Analyst

He is from the city of Sao Paulo which makes him a Paulistano; he has a degree in Financial Management and studies Accounting. He adores his family and spends his free time watching movies and Soccer games #vaicorinthians. He believes in humanity.

Marleide Alves Lopes

Project Analyst

She performs magic to conciliate all her passions: she is an NGO volunteer social assistant and the mother of four children. She found the encouragement to go back to work and pursue a degree in Social Services after the first time face to face with a computer in 2000.

Wagner Solis

Technology and Support Analyst

He is from the city of Rio de Janeiro which makes him a Carioca, he loves technology, video games and above all his family means everything to him.

Wanderson da Silva Skrock

Operations Analyst

He has a BA in Business Administration and he believes technology can open up opportunities for people’s development. He has been acting in Tecsocial causes since 2007. He took part in projects such as Crianca Esperanca, TEDx and has already organized the Weekend Change Makers Startup.

Hélcio Ricardo


He is an Information Systems undergraduate degree student at UFF; he started on his digital path after getting his second smartphone. What pushes him forward is the willingness to see a lot of people using what he himself created.

Henrique Godoy


He is an instructor; he holds a degree in History and has been working in the education area for 6 years. He worked in the Public Government education system and in the third sector in projects aimed at literature, environment and Young Learner programs.

Alice Miranda

Administrative Assistant

She is a Botafogo Soccer Team supporter, a resident of Caxias - Rio de Janeiro and she holds a degree in Languages and Arts. She is passionate about Netflix series and the soundtrack of her life is by the Los Hermanos and Chico. She is the mother of the 9 year old “Mad Hatter”, the reason behind the smile on her face every morning.

Carlos José da Silva Ferreira

Administrative Assistant

He has always worked in the Administrative area and, more recently, in the financial area. He is a Fluminense Soccer team supporter/Tricolor. He enjoys some Brazilian beats such as “charme” and “pagode” samba at the Madureira Park and a “forro” at the São Cristovao fair.

Adriana Monteiro Fagundes

General Services Assistant

She came from the Pará state and immediately disembarked in the neighborhood of Queimados, Rio de Janeiro, where she still lives until today. She learned to cook with her grandmother and from this love for cooking decided to work with food. In her spare time, she loves going out with her son and makes extra money as a manicurist.

Maria Varleide Lemos Souza

Auxiliar de Serviços Gerais

Nascida em Pernambuco, vive em São Paulo, onde construiu família e criou seus dois filhos. Sua casa é do tamanho do seu coração: cabem filhos, noras e netos, que são a alegria da sua vida. Nas horas vagas, gosta de ver TV e fazer pão caseiro.

Iole Melo

Communications Intern

She is a Media student at UFF and holds a degree in Multimedia by the NAVE. She is interested in cinema, television, new technologies and close time with loved ones. She has work experience as an advertising executive, a lecturer and in public relations, and thoroughly enjoyed all of the experiences.

Pedro Silveira

Schools Intern

He was born in Goiania; however, he was raised in Brasilia and has been living in Rio de Janeiro for a little longer than 3 years. He is a Business Administration undergraduate degree student and he is passionate about music and sports. He enjoys going to the beach, sunshine, Soccer and the comfort of his sofa.


We act as social sustainability partners to companies and to society. We also aim at contributing to the conception and strengthening of public policies based on national and international parameters. In order to reinforce this commitment, we signed the United Nations Global Pact.

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