Conscious Donation or Disposal of Equipment

A partnership between Recode and Reurbi

By promoting digital empowerment, we recognize the impact of our actions on the environment.

To minimize this impact and promote proper disposal of machines used by our partners and society, we have a citizen partnership with Recicladora Urbana, a company specialized in sustainable management of electronic waste. By donating to Recode, you also help equip technology training spaces for young people in vulnerable situations and financially support our digital empowerment programs.

For companies

Contact us with information on the volume of equipment and their location.

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Reurbi relies on the disposal of IT electronic equipment from various companies for its Reverse Logistics system, collecting and reconditioning computers that would otherwise be discarded but are in good working condition.

When delivered to our initiative, these equipment help in the digital and social inclusion of several young people. This is how the economy circulates and opportunities arise!