Operating model

We use technology as a methodology to generate opportunities for development, employability, a return to study and access to the world of entrepreneurship for everyone. What’s more, technology is the language that allows us to develop 21st century skills, autonomy in Information and Communication Technologies and the ability to solve social problems..


A methodology of continuous and customized learning, which enables the individual to be a “reprogrammer” of their reality. Our methodology, which is the basis for the training of our multipliers and beneficiaries, is inspired by the Brazilian educator Paulo Freire and the concepts of Integral Education and Digital Culture.

This is also what sets us apart, because we enable the development of these young people to be closely monitored by a trained educator.

Our methodology includes three dimensions to enhance social impact: me (focusing on what the young person thinks about the issue), us (how they see themselves in relation to it) and all of us (focusing on the impact the issue has on the family, the community and the world).

Our Methodology’s 4 Steps

Motivate to read the world

Reading the world means recognizing that your life has meaning in a larger context.

Understand to act

Work on looking at things from different perspectives in search of solutions.

Plan to impact

Anticipate the impact of intervention in the real world through planning.

Experiment to evaluate

Experiment with action development and evaluate the results achieved.

21st Century Skills

Our proprietary methodology seeks to stimulate in young people some of the competencies for education in the context of the 21st century. These competencies, for example, are based on definitions and studies from the World Health Organization (WHO), the Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development (OECD), and the United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO). They are:


Ability to invent, innovate, and see issues from new and different perspectives.


Ability to coexist and develop activities, in an interactive process, with other people of diverse beliefs, cultures, and social contexts.


Ability to argue, express oneself clearly and empathetically, and listen actively, using different media.

Challenge resolution

Ability to identify challenges and opportunities, using technology and critical thinking, to develop innovative and ethical solutions.