Game Development (Basic)

Estimated workload: 40 hours

Free training

Discover the areas involved in the development of a digital game and how you can enter each of them. Learn the main concepts of one of the most acclaimed areas of game development: game design.


Topic 1 – Introduction
• Introduction to game development
• Basic principles
• The atoms of Game Design

Topic 2 – Documenting your game: the Game Design Document (GDD)
• Game Design Document (GDD)
• High Concept ​
• Scope
• Game design

Topic 3 – Areas involved in game development
• Involved areas: game design
• Involved areas: programming
• Involved areas: arts
• Involved areas: audio
• Involved areas: narrative
• Auxiliary areas

This training course is completely online and can be executed through any computer or device with internet access, such as smartphones and tablets. After completion, the participant can obtain a free certificate, further enhancing their resume.