The small city of Guararema, located in the Metropolitan Region of São Paulo, has always attracted attention for its variety of flora and fauna, attracting tourists from different regions of the country. However, when the pandemic hit, the movement in the city plummeted, making it difficult for businesses and service providers to maintain their operations.

Amid this problem, which had already been noticed by 16-year-old student Juliana Cidade, Recode launched the Recoders Challenge, encouraging young people from across the country to create solutions to the difficulties of their regions. It was an opportunity for the young woman to bring to life an idea that could help the city she loves so much.

Juliana decided to participate and began planning the project. To do this, she received help from mentor Jean Silva, from C6 Bank. Upon realizing the decline in the city’s economy, she saw that technology could connect consumers, producers, merchants, and service providers. Thus was born the Guararema Express.

“The Guararema Express is a responsive and free platform focused on the city. The merchant or service provider can register their business for free, allowing orders to be placed by customers,” explains Juliana.

The student’s project caught the attention of the Recoders Challenge judges, making her come in first place: “I thought the idea was very cool, but I never imagined coming in first place in a national contest. It was a unique experience. It gave me a lot of learning, and I was still able to collaborate with Guararema,”she celebrates.

Guararema Express is available at www.guararemaexpress.com.br. Producers, traders, and consumers can register for free and start using the services.

Recoders Challenge

Over five months of activities, about 200 participants created ideas for social impact using technology. The young people were mentored by volunteers from more than 10 companies from various areas of the market.”