The Conecta Biblioteca program is in full swing! This week we received a very rich report from Marcele Queiroz, a participant in the program, about the activities led by young people from the Municipal Public Library Madeira de Freitas in Cariacica – Espirito Santo, to attract new users. Check it out:

And on September 11th, we had our meeting with the young people from the community!
We had the presence and participation of our Youth Manager Deydson Nicoli Fabres, who spoke about all the ongoing projects of this management for the youth of the city of Cariacica. The young people themselves, who were already enrolled, led the entire meeting, talking about what the Recode NGO is, what Conecta Biblioteca is, and the courses on the Platform. They did an icebreaker activity with the young people present.
The activity involved presenting a surprise box, which could be good or not. They formed a circle, played music, and passed the box around. When the music stopped, the young person holding the box could choose to open it or not. If they opened it, they had to pay a penalty, and if not, the game continued. The objective of the activity that the young people prepared was to demonstrate how much courage we have to face good or bad surprises that appear to us, to face challenges and take what is valid, whether it is good or bad.
Next, we invited Rômulo de Aguiar, a young person from the Domingos Martins Library, and Ana Maria Silva, who gave an emotional testimony to the audience about how the library changed her life and also gave tips on how young people from Cariacica (ES) can conduct this work with the library. In the end, the young people explained how this youth movement will be, calling the program “Bibliotecamentes.” All the young people spoke a little about how they felt about the meeting, and they even started brainstorming ideas to start mobilizing!
In addition to the tasks of Conecta Biblioteca, young people will carry out various cultural and literary actions. A logo will be produced for the movement, the names of the young people will appear in the Official Diary of the City Hall, within a Special Committee, and all their ideas will be recorded by the Communication Advisory through a channel on YouTube. Young people can record literary memes, reviews, videos, gifs, paintings, and series, all to attract new young people to the library.
It was a success, and we are very excited! We thank the Recode NGO for this great idea that yesterday began to become a reality!