Imagine if, during an unexpected asthma attack, a patient could press a “panic  button” on their phone to get access to a borrowed inhaler in the shortest time possible? This life-saving idea is what motivates Herbert Jung Sin, a former student of the Recode Program in São Paulo, to develop an app.

Herbert, who has lived with asthma since childhood, realized that the sharing economy trend – as seen with the app “Tem  açúcar?” – could be applied to the nebulizer, commonly known as an inhaler.

The proposed app, named Afilaxy, emerged during the Modeling of Applications and Project Management course and won an award at the Program Recognition event in 2016. Herbert was not studying or working at the time and was also awarded a 50% scholarship by Recode’s partnership with Estácio to study Systems Development Analysis.

Since then, the young man has built up a broad network of partners in the field of social entrepreneurship to further the project. Among several initiatives, he participates in the Entrepreneurial Culture Nucleus at PUC-SP.

“I didn’t see any purpose or goal in carrying out tasks in the formal job market. But I started getting involved with collectives and causes that gradually awakened me to this new way of entrepreneurship, to build something that needs to exist,” he says.

Currently, the group responsible for Afilaxy is seeking support for the project’s validation phase. Interested people – whether they have asthma or not – can register on the website to participate in the future app’s user community. They will be the first to see the tool and contribute to its improvement.

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