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Portuguese Language

To prepare students capable of properly using the Portuguese language in its written and oral modalities, and to lead them to critically reflect on what they read and write.

Workload: 10h


  • The power of communication
  • How to be a critical reader?
  • The power of the word
  • How to write well?

English Language

In the course, basic knowledge about the structure, use and reading strategies of the English language will be introduced.

Workload: 10h


  • English in the globalized world
  • Knowing the basic structure of English Language
  • English Reading Practices
  • Strategies for the use of English


This Basic Mathematics course is designed to provide students with an opportunity to develop mathematical skills that are important for their daily lives and for their academic and professional development.

Workload: 10h


  • Numbers and Operations

  • Elementary Algebra
  • Financial Mathematics
  • Sets and Functions

Nonviolent communication

The course will help you understand what NVC is, its importance, and how to apply it in your relationships.

Workload: 5h


  • Nonviolent communication

  • The Four Steps of Nonviolent Communication
  • Feeling Management
  • Techniques






Our projects with closed applications

Check out some projects already carried out by Recode

Tech Festival

The Tide Setubal Foundation and Recode have teamed up to bring the Tech Festival to Galpão ZL, in Jardim Lapena. It will be a full day of digital transformation, with tech stations, renowned professionals and immersive activations. The event will take place on May 25th, from 9am to 9pm.

Recode Pro Aldeia

A free full-stack programming initiative aimed at representatives of indigenous peoples.

Recode Pro

Free training in full stack programming with a focus on employability.

Women Innovation

An immersion marathon in Virtual Reality (VR) technology, which trained women from Maré to learn concepts, processes and techniques for creating 360º documentaries about the reality of Brazilian women.

Hack Station

Recode and Meta offer face-to-face training in São Paulo, at Hack Station.


Meetings, held at Estação Hack, will address topics related to digital technologies and the job market.

Orientation Day


Are you trying everything to get a new job, but always end up hearing a “no”? Receive valuable tips from those who are used to making hires and be referred to the Microsoft opportunities platform.

Go Power

Watch the workshop on Microsoft’s Power Platform digital tools and develop technical skills that all companies are looking for in professionals.


Create solutions with DigiGirlz! All participants will receive an exclusive kit and the creators of the winning proposal will be awarded cell phones.


Games4Good is an initiative of Recode and Meta for everyone who wants to enter the world of games and create their own game with purpose.

Connecting your Future

In partnership with Meta, we are offering 12 technological training courses for you to develop new socio-emotional and digital competencies.

Press Start

Meta and Recode launch an online challenge with prizes for access to digital culture.

Recoding Paulo Freire

In a lifetime dedicated to transforming the world, Paulo Freire argued that the greatest goal of education is to make the student aware. Recode paid tribute to the master on his 100th birthday.

Employability day

and programming

A 240-hour online and free training journey, where students can learn to develop systems and applications and exercise essential capacities for the world of work, such as communication, creativity, and also receive an exclusive certificate.

Filmmakers 360

The 360º Filmmakers project is a project – conceived in partnership with Meta – that trains students and educators from public schools throughout the country to use 360º video technology to produce films that portray relevant issues in their communities.

Recode Libraries

Recode Libraries is a national program to stimulate social and digital transformation of communities through the protagonism of reading spaces.