A partnership between Recode and the Public Library System of Pernambuco (SBPE) has been bringing digital empowerment to residents of 30 municipalities in Pernambuco. The initiative is for those who want to learn more about technology or even seek professional requalification, adding recognized certificates to their resumes, such as those offered by Microsoft.

For free and online, Pernambucans can access Recode’s learning platform, choose a preferred digital empowerment track, and start learning. If there are difficulties accessing the internet or not having a computer or other device with a network connection, they can go to an affiliated library and study on site, which provides equipment. This is the case with the Municipal Library Professor Marli Ferreira Diniz in Triunfo, which has six computers and internet for the community to learn.

“The community received with enthusiasm and curiosity the news of the Recode’s empowerment tracks offer, especially because they are certified and free. Technology today is an inseparable tool from our daily lives,”, comments manager Patrícia Vasconcelos.

The Chief of the Public Libraries Unit of Pernambuco, Marta Diniz, also celebrates the partnership. She emphasizes that the tracks not only provide job opportunities but also personal growth: “The role of public libraries is to provide access to information democratically, promoting the development of citizenship. In this pandemic moment we are going through, we had to reinvent ourselves and technology has become indispensable, bringing us even closer together,”, she concludes.

The free trainings are available on the website www.recode.org.br/cursos.