Carolina Evangelista’s career, at 28 years old, had all the potential to succeed in the classroom. Born into a family of teachers, the native of Rocha Miranda neighborhood in the North Zone of Rio de Janeiro started working as an educator, but soon became enamored with communication and technology. After completing two courses with Recode and winning Digigirlz, a project in partnership with Microsoft, she now celebrates her good moment working in an edtech company.

It all started in 2012, when the trained teacher decided to start studying Advertising. Despite enjoying the field, she realized there was potential in the digital world and looked for programming courses. It was when a friend recommended Recode Pro, a program that trains full stack developers, eight years later. Although she did not get the opportunity that time, it led her to know about other courses and projects with Recode.

“Through the learning platform, I took ‘Artificial Intelligence’ and ‘Technologies for the Future’. They helped me stay updated on new technologies, in addition to opening my mind, because while technology can be beneficial, it can also be harmful. That’s why it’s important to use it responsibly,”emphasizes Carolina, highlighting that the Recode methodology, in partnership with training providers like Microsoft, seeks to work on the ethical and conscious use of technology to empower participants and transform lives.

And it didn’t stop there. Along with two other participants, Debora França and Camilly Priscila, Carolina showed she was really sharp in the use of technology and won the 2020 edition of Digigirlz. The trio developed a plan for an app called IABirth, which would assist pregnant women throughout the gestation process. The idea was inspired by a professional experience of the champion, who had already worked for almost five years in a maternity ward: “It was an incredible experience. I was able to use the knowledge I gained during my work along with technological knowledge. I was very happy to have our team’s effort recognized. It will be an eternal landmark in my life,”she rejoices.

Carolina believed in herself and in the power of technology to grow in her profession.

Currently, Carolina Evangelista works as a designer at an edtech, a term used for the educational technology field, which incorporates IT and communication fundamentals in education, in order to support teaching and learning processes. Now, the desire remains that other women can, like her, conquer a place in the area where they dream of developing a career.

“Don’t give up! Even if it seems difficult, believe in yourself, in your potential and be a good person to those you meet along the way. When you look back, you will realize that all the effort was worth it. Remember, a woman’s place is wherever she wants, including technology. We are making a difference and together we will be stronger,”, she concludes.