Support Recode’s Projects

You can also contribute to the positive impact of millions of people by supporting our work for digital empowerment.

Learn how to contribute

Collaborating with programmer training

We receive donations to subsidize the study of people in full-stack programming training with a focus on employability through our Recode Pro program.

Funding Digital Empowerment Centers

You can help democratize access to the digital world through donations by structuring our technological centers.

Funding projects through incentive laws

We implement initiatives focused on digital empowerment funded through incentive laws throughout the national territory.

Product donations

Your company can collaborate with both one-time financial donations and the provision of computers and other electronic equipment, supporting our social projects.

Corporate volunteering

Do you want to contribute to the positive impact of social project participants? We receive support from professionals in various areas of activity.

Donations to Recode

We receive one-time financial donations that support the organization’s sustainability as well as its projects.