Technology took a while to become a part of Bruna Moura’s life. After losing her mother one week after her birth, she went to live with her aunt and uncle on a farm in the interior of Bahia. She grew up picking fruit from trees, climbing trees, and walking barefoot on the clay ground. “There were animals all around. I woke up early and helped my family on the farm,” says the young woman.

This routine continued until she was 15, when she moved to São Paulo. Despite encountering a completely different reality from what she was used to in the countryside, her curiosity about understanding people made her always seek to learn new things. To support herself, Bruna did a little bit of everything: she was a children’s party monitor, waitress, as well as having experiences in administrative and commercial areas.

However, her desire was to learn how knowledge could have a positive impact on society. With the help of her boyfriend, who worked in IT, she began to observe the potential that technology had in helping humanity. Thus, she began to study more about the subject, participating in forums and communities on the internet.

In 2019, she learned about Recode Pro, a program by Recode that would train new programmers. She saw that she had the opportunity to be part of that universe:“Recode Pro transformed me as a person and a professional. I learned to have more patience and resilience, through teamwork, conflict management, problem solving, and programming language.. It was a mix of emotions and hard work. It only increased my desire to change the world,” she emphasizes.

And it didn’t stop there. After completing the program’s first class, Bruna participated in a talent fair promoted by Recode, where she was able to meet major companies. Itaú Bank saw potential in the young woman and offered her a job. Today, she is employed: “Becoming a software engineer is a dream come true. Being able to finally work in the technology field makes me happier and more confident that I am capable of pursuing my goals,” she celebrates.