Monitors who have already participated in our training programs now learn new applications for technology

Marina Dias, 17, had never visited a contemporary art exhibition before. Now, the young woman dives deep into a totally new experience. She has become a volunteer monitor for the Digital Art Biennial, which is part of the Digital Art Festival and takes place until March 18th at Oi Futuro Flamengo, in the South Zone of Rio de Janeiro.

“I accepted the invitation because I plan on studying Advertising, and I saw the opportunity to learn from the artists. It has been a great professional and personal growth and maturing experience,” she says, responsible for talking to visitors about the exhibition’s works, as well as taking care of the installations.

A resident of Inhaúma (North Zone of Rio), Marina was one of six young people nominated by the Recode NGO and selected for the opportunity. Our partnership with the FAD organization seeks to broaden the horizons of a group already engaged with our projects. Thus, they also took the chance to learn how technology can be a powerful tool for artistic expression.

The group of monitors also includes Antoniel Santos Araújo, Felipe Rocha, Matheus Galdino, Júlio César Brito da Silva, and Nathália Fernandes. They are all former students of Recode’s training programs. They applied through a selection process that considered availability, commitment, and willingness to learn. “Getting to know the artists, understanding the process, and seeing technology from other perspectives and applications has been great,” highlights Júlio Cesar, who also works as an introduction to programming teacher.

The group earned praise from the festival’s organizers, who highlighted their proactivity, attention, and ease of learning.

Curious? How about visiting the free exhibition and chatting with one of these young people? The Digital Art Biennial takes place in Rio until March 18th, with a vast program of workshops and workshops with Brazilian and international artists.


Digital Art Biennial
Rio de Janeiro
Rua 2 de Dezembro, 63 – Flamengo/RJ
Information: +31 (21) 3131-3060
From Tuesday to Sunday, from 11 am to 8 pm
From March 26th, FAD takes place in Belo Horizonte