Love and dedication to his 7-year-old daughter have always guided Diego Gaspar, 28, in his steps. Despite his passion for technology and his immense desire to return to studying and improving his life, he always had in mind that his daughter’s future should come first and, therefore, did not give up his job as a security guard. All to ensure a basic income to pay for school.

Even with the effort, the salary he received was not enough to cover all expenses. Diego dreamed of working with something that would give him more satisfaction and could guarantee health insurance for his family.

In 2019, Diego discovered Recode Pro. “A free developer course, focusing on diversity and low-income people, leading to job opportunities after completing the course? I couldn’t let this opportunity pass,” says the young man.

Through the teachers’ differentiated didactics, he was able to observe how the technology he always saw in movies actually worked in practice. Thus, after much effort, he completed the program and became a developer.

“Diego has always shown great humility and perseverance in learning. This makes the achievement simply exciting,” celebrates Eurivaldo Joaquim da Silva, Recode Pro’s technical-pedagogical consultant.

After Recode Pro, Diego was referred to an interview at Itaú and is now employed by the company in São Paulo. “I couldn’t believe it was all real, I cried a lot. When I received the offer with salaries and benefits and, in it, there was the option to choose health insurance for me and my daughter, that feeling of mission accomplished came. Today, I am a software engineer,” exclaims Diego.