When you look at Cecilia Ramalho, you see a strong, empowered woman determined to have a successful career as a police officer. What not everyone could imagine is that behind all this talent, there is an impactful story of struggle and overcoming through music and technology.

Although she was born in Alagoas, it is impossible not to call the young woman a “carioca”. At just 21 days old, she came to Rio de Janeiro and has been living in the São Cristóvão neighborhood in the North Zone ever since. What the family did not expect was that, nine months later, as a baby, Cecilia would gain a new motherly figure. Her aunt Valdelice embraced the girl and took on this role, after her biological mother left home.

With a very transparent relationship with her adoptive parents since childhood, the young woman played, studied, and always demonstrated a lot of curiosity and a desire to learn. Thus, motivated to make new friends, she started attending social projects in the neighborhood.

Time passed, adolescence came, and with it, the desire to grow up before her time. Even though she was underage, she felt an immense desire to start working and help pay the bills at home, which were getting tighter and tighter. However, the girl could not find a suitable activity and stumbled upon immaturity when she arrived for interviews for youth apprentice positions.

Until 2018, Prover emerged as a social organization with the project of transforming the lives of residents in the region through art, knowledge, and education. Cecilia started taking violin lessons and shortly after, began volunteering at the location.

Despite her love for music, the need to find a job became even more apparent. That’s when Recode, in partnership with the NGO, began offering technology courses and professional training.

“I decided to change my path there. I enrolled in Recode courses and took all the possible modules. I learned not only how to work with computers but also how to better prepare myself for the job market. I studied from resume building to how to communicate and present myself in job interviews,”Cecilia said.

That effort soon paid off. Shortly after, Cecilia walked into a new interview. This time, she was ready for the challenge, and the result was what she had long desired: she was approved to work as a sales promoter at a university in Rio.

And it didn’t stop there. She also won a scholarship to study law. “It was a fairy tale that became reality. Now, I can work without abandoning my studies. I hope to one day become a police delegate,” the young woman sighs.

There is still a long journey ahead for Cecilia Ramalho. However, the young woman’s story of resilience makes it clear that a bright future is waiting for her.