Growing up in the rural area of the small town of Espigão do Oeste, in the interior of Rondônia, did not diminish Bruno Cabral’s, 28, fascination with technology. His interest in computers and electronic devices made him always dream of working in the field of computing.

While studying and planning to take the college entrance exam for computer science, Bruno always found time to help those in need. Mobilized by a local organization, he supported needy families and distributed food to homeless residents.

When he turned 19, an opportunity arose that postponed his career in technology: moving to Rio de Janeiro to help people in situations of social vulnerability.

Bruno began working at an NGO that deals with drug addicts. When he encountered men and women who were losing their lives to addiction, he felt that he needed to make a difference and help transform these people’s destinies. The chosen path was missionary work. He graduated in theology and became a manager of one of the organization’s units.

Bruno Cabral was part of the 2019 class of Recode Pro in Rio de Janeiro
Time passed, and almost ten years later, he realized that it was time to pursue the dream he had left behind in the North. On his own, he started studying programming through online videos. In one of them, by Professor Gustavo Guanabara, he learned that Recode was offering developer training. “I accepted the challenge and devoted myself to the utmost to pass the Recode Pro selection process. When I was accepted, I did my best to absorb all the lessons,” Bruno says.

Throughout the classes, the Rondonian learned much more than just codes. He and his colleagues were able to observe the importance of teamwork and how to solve everyday problems, as well as techniques on how to behave in interviews and in the corporate world. “The classes made me understand who I was really becoming: a developer. Technology is the most effective thing that exists to help people and transform the world. It is a true superpower,” emphasizes the young man.

Currently, Bruno works at Itaú Bank, a job he obtained after participating in a talent fair promoted by Recode. Even so, he still wants to continue developing his skills in order to turn all the knowledge he has acquired into more benefits for society. “When I reach an even higher level in programming, I want to create an NGO that recruits volunteers and helps organizations that don’t have many resources through technology,” he concludes.