The life of Raphael Silva, a native of Rio de Janeiro, has not been easy. In addition to the daily difficulties faced by those living in situations of social vulnerability in Rio de Janeiro, destiny tested the limits of the 23-year-old. However, anyone who thinks that the amputation of one hand and the loss of his mother and aunt suspected of having coronavirus would shake his dream of becoming a great technology professional will think again by the end of this story.

Born and raised in the Quitanda community in Costa Barros, in the North Zone of Rio, Raphael started working at a very young age. At 16, he was already working as an apprentice in administrative functions. Always very responsible, he sought to acquire as much knowledge as possible to evolve and help his family.

“I never stopped working. I did everything. I’ve been a general service assistant, a doorman, and informally, even an IT technician,” says the young man.

However, the trajectory that had been growing each year suffered a serious setback after he turned 21. While working as a locksmith, he suffered a serious accident, receiving a strong electric shock that resulted in the amputation of his right hand.

Nevertheless, he did not give up. The young man, who had already met Recode when volunteering to teach computer science to other residents of his community, learned that the organization was offering the Recode Pro course as a full-stack developer. He had no doubts: it was the opportunity to become the programmer he had always wanted to be.

“The experience was amazing! The technologies and languages I learned were essential. And I can say more: learning and developing our socio-emotional skills were wonderful. And all without any cost to me,” he celebrates.

Raphael still had one more challenge to face. With the course already completed and looking for a job, he saw his mother and aunt fall ill. The two, who were so close and had been fundamental in educating him on the path of honesty, ended up dying this year, suspected of having coronavirus. However, once again, the young man showed resilience. With even more determination to honor his family, he went after and was hired to work in technology at Banco Itaú, a partner of Recode in the project.

“Although my family is incomplete, my mother and aunt continue to be the motivation for me to wake up and fight for my dreams. Joining Itaú fills my heart with hope. It’s a great opportunity. This achievement is ours,” he rejoices.

Thus, with skill and patience, Raphael Silva overcame every obstacle that appeared in his path. Now, he will have the necessary peace of mind to start the career he has always dreamed of and, thus, inspire other young people who, like him, deserve a bright future.

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