The fact of being a Physical Education teacher never kept Danilo Arruda, a native of Rio Grande do Norte, away from his interest in technology. With many years of work in gyms, however, he was further away from computers and other digital tools.

Until he worked as a technician for the Education Management System of the State of Rio Grande do Norte, in the 2nd Regional Directorate of Education and Culture, the teacher had direct contact with Recode, which maintains a partnership with the location to offer free technology training for public schools. Excited about the available courses, he decided to sign up as well.

“Technology motivates new habits, the way we deal with things, how we communicate and the way we do business. Through innovation and technology, we directly impact society,” emphasizes the teacher.

Danilo liked the content he learned so much that he couldn’t stop at just one learning track. From “Creating Infrastructure in the Cloud” to “Data Analysis with Business Intelligence Tools,” he went on one journey after another, such as “Project Management and Impact Applications” and “Technologies for the Future,” which are part of the “Prepare to Return” program in partnership with Microsoft. He now has no intention of stopping.

“I’m already taking ‘Web page development.’ I still plan to take other training courses at Recode. We must continue to evolve and always learn more,” concludes the educator