Virtual reality – the technology that allows complete immersion in a simulated environment – has various impacts that go beyond entertainment. For us at Recode, this is a tool that can be used for social impact, empathy, and social transformation.

We have been working with this and other exponential technologies since 2017, and this year we have expanded our actions to disseminate this knowledge even further.

Learn about initiatives launched in September and see how to participate!

In-person course with CTAv

We will give an Introduction to Virtual Reality course for low-income youth on September 23rd and 25th at CTAv – Centro Técnico Audiovisual, in Benfica, Rio de Janeiro. The meeting, with free registration, will be taught by Rafael Romão, Recode’s audiovisual education specialist. Sign up!

Virtual reality in the school curriculum

The Sousa Aguiar State School in Rio de Janeiro will receive a workshop for Chemistry, Sociology, Portuguese, Philosophy, and Mathematics teachers. They will learn about the GEAR VR headset and create lesson plans with applications that dialogue with the curricular contents of their disciplines.

Recode Games Experience

15 young people from Rio communities will be invited to the “Introduction to Game Creation” lecture with Kim Kaznowski from Double Dash Studios. They will play the game “Sky Racket” and get to know the power of Oculus Quest Games in a competition with the game “Beat Saber”.

New online courses

This month, we will have two new free courses available on the Recode platform, about Audiovisual for social transformation and Virtual Reality. Stay tuned!

New class for the Cineastas 360° project

Our initiative in partnership with Facebook for the teaching of 360° audiovisuals in public schools enters its second year with new schools covered! They are:

  • Amapá – Pedra Branca do Amapari – State Indigenous School Aramirã in the Wajãpi Indigenous Land
  • Maranhão – Presidente Dutra – IEMA- Presidente Dutra Plenary Unit
  • Paraná – Curitiba – Presidente Lamenha Lins State School
  • Rio de Janeiro – Rio de Janeiro – Andre Marois State School
  • DF – Brasília – São Francisco Educational Center (CED São Francisco)