Whenever public servant Renata Cruz, 28, thought about changing careers, she encountered several obstacles. In addition to the job stability in São Paulo, the need to care for her three-year-old daughter took priority.

As time passed, it became increasingly difficult to maintain that routine. A professional crisis took over her life. At that moment, she made a decision: “I need to do something new,” she thought.

From then on, Renata began mapping out different professions and analyzing the job market. She eventually found the right opportunity. Through a Facebook group, she learned that a program from Recode, Recode Pro, which trains new programmers, was available for free. She participated in the selection process, was accepted, and with the help of her family, began classes.

“The course was in Osasco, where I live, with hours compatible with my job. It was a perfect match. My mother was also a fundamental piece. She stayed with my daughter so I could study,” she highlights.

And all the effort paid off. Shortly after graduating in full-stack development, a job opening at Itaú bank, Recode’s partner in Recode Pro, came along. The dream was realized: a new profession began there.

Recode Pro totally changed my life. I never imagined working in a company with this structure. Today, I can offer a quality of life and quality education for my daughter,” she rejoices.

Many women think about changing their professional trajectory, but they face daily difficulties of those who have two or even three daily jobs. Renata Cruz’s story, however, shows that with perseverance, opportunities arise, and objectives are achieved.