We currently live in such a busy world, with various information running around all the time, that we often forget to observe the things around us. With the idea of valuing the local community and motivating every citizen to make a difference within their own neighborhood, 25-year-old student Victor Silva intends to launch the interactive platform “Itu“.

“I saw a need to give more visibility to small establishments and informal service providers and to inform residents about problems in the region. Itu is a way to connect people who are nearby,” says the young man.

In addition to finding products and services, it will also be possible to provide or request donations and report problems, such as the absence of signs and signals on the streets or even the occurrence of thefts. The intention is to make the platform stimulate the search for improvements in the community.

Victor created Itu during the Recoders Challenge and now dreams of bringing the project to life.

The project, which came in second place in the Recoders Challenge, had the collaboration of Linx’s corporate project specialist, Juliana Freitas. She was present to assist the student in all stages of the process, from the initial draft of the idea to the production of the final video with the conclusion.

“Being part of this project with Victor was very rewarding because he is intelligent, hardworking, and creative. Throughout the process, we had to make some adaptations and he dealt very well with the problems,” highlights the mentor.

In addition to being in the second semester of the Information Systems college program, Victor is always taking technology courses from Recode. After acquiring the necessary knowledge, the young man intends to bring the project to life: “The final result of the Recoders Challenge motivated me to continue developing the project. I’m gathering all the ideas to put it into practice when possible,” he emphasizes.