The classes of teacher Suzy Oliveira in the city of Andrelândia, in Minas Gerais, are anything but ordinary. Without the traditional routine of a physical classroom, due to the pandemic, she had to reinvent herself to keep the interest of eighth-grade students at the Centro Educacional Fundação Guairá, a Recode partner in the city.

One of the solutions found was a Battleship championship: “Everything was online, using Excel. Many students used this tool for the first time and loved it. It is a great example of how to use technology to teach a subject,” highlights the teacher.

Suzy was born in the municipality itself, but moved to São Bernardo do Campo, in São Paulo, at the age of 4 months. However, she never abandoned the desire to return and help the region she loved so much. The dream was realized in 2009 when, already graduated as an environmental engineer, she was able to return and volunteer in an environmental education project of the Fundação Guairá itself, where she is now a teacher. “I fell in love with the field of education,” she says.

The desire to research and bring new didactic content to young people developed earlier this year, when she participated in the first wave of mentoring from Recode with the Colégio Guairá: “The program was essential in helping me apply technology in my classes, making them more playful and dynamic. Nowadays, it is part of our daily life. There is no longer any way we can live without it,”she celebrates.

Now, the teacher uses resources and tools suggested by Recode in the math and physics classes she teaches. In addition to the Battleship championship, she also adopted Miro, an online collaborative board, and Poll Everywhere, which allows for real-time interaction during videoconferences with students.