The story of biologist Mateus Gomes is driven passionately. Since he was a child, when he lived in the Olivença community, in the rural area of ​​Cruzeiro do Sul, in Acre, he has always shown a lot of determination to develop himself, overcome limitations in the structure that the region offered, and achieve his goals. Now, at 22 years old and with his dream of publishing a book fulfilled, the young man does not want to stop studying and celebrates the opportunity to learn technology with Recode.

Mateus’ taste for literature began in childhood. Unlike most of his peers, Mateus only started studying at the age of 7, since he lived in a location where there was no nearby school. Even though he found his friends already literate, he quickly learned to read and write, and at 14 years old, he had finished writing his first book.

Although he had the publication in his hands, he did not have the money or contacts to make a launch possible. Meanwhile, he discovered the State Public Library Padre Trindade, which has a vast collection of literary works and a place for internet access. Thus, he had no doubts: he found a second home.

Time passed and, already in college, the young man decided to take out the book he had prepared to launch it on his own. After contacting a publisher, however, a new obstacle arose: the cost. He needed R$ 1,600 to have 100 copies available. So, he had to wait and save about R$ 400 that he received monthly from a scholarship. In 2019, he got the money and the dream came true: “When the books arrived, I didn’t know what to do. I was very happy. And the best thing is that I launched it in the library that was my second home,” says Mateus.

Mateus returned to the library to launch the book.

And anyone who thinks that the young man settled after this hard-won achievement is mistaken. The Acrean had only basic notions of computer science and discovered that Recode, a partner of the library that helped him so much, was offering free training in topics such as digital tools, artificial intelligence, and virtual reality. So, he had no doubts and decided to register: “The courses helped me develop knowledge that I wouldn’t be able to acquire if I had to pay,” he celebrates, intending to continue doing the training in Recode’s virtual learning environment.

Now, with a book released, a completed Biology degree, and completed training courses such as “Digital Tools for the Job Market”, “Employability Management”, and “Reprogramming Your Future” offered by Recode, Mateus wants to continue writing and, above all, studying, without forgetting those people who, like him, have a literary dream: “Don’t give up on what you truly dream of. I am proof that anyone can achieve it, as long as they are able to overcome difficulties. Nothing is easy, but when we want it, nothing and no one can take it away from us,”he concludes.