It is not uncommon to come across people going through serious problems in life. Families who have lost all their possessions in floods and need donations, parents who need to support their children and desperately look for a job, or even students who cannot afford to buy school supplies are just some examples that make people put themselves in other people’s shoes, creating what is called empathy.

Always intrigued by how to do good and help those in need, 20-year-old Felipe Souza found in the Recoders Challenge an opportunity to develop a project for an app that would connect the most needy with people willing to help: thus was born Empatizze.

“The intention of Empatizze is that people who need some kind of help, such as donations of clothes, medicines and food or professional assistance in carrying out some volunteer work, can find this support more easily,” emphasizes Felipe.

During the creation process, the young man had the collaboration of the PayGo Key Account Manager, Natália Augusto, who acted as a mentor. For her, being able to help develop a talent during a pandemic was rewarding: “Felipe is a very responsible and committed young man. At first, he was a bit unsure, but things started flowing and working. He always listened to me a lot, and I also always made a point of listening to him. The final result was surprising,”she celebrates.

Felipe created Empatizze in a Recode project.

For now, Empatizze is just a project. However, the success with the third place in the Recoders Challenge makes Felipe dream of bringing it to life to make it available to those in need: “I believe that the app can transform the way people act in our society. Who knows, I can become an entrepreneur and make Empatizze a reality?”he concludes.