“You won’t find a course of this level anywhere else, let alone for free, with prepared instructors who really want to take you to something bigger. They don’t want to lead you to any job. They want to train a professional who will make a difference.”

The testimony is from André Felipe Gonçalves, 17, who completed the Recode program in partnership with the Casulo Project in São Paulo and soon after got his first job as a Young Apprentice in a large sports store chain.

Since the beginning of the course experience, André says he felt very welcomed by the group and by educator Antônio Videira Júnior, with extensive experience in the social area and working with young people. “The teacher created an environment that makes you want to participate. I was very blocked, stuttered a lot, didn’t know what to say. My personal and professional development improved a lot,” recalls the youngster.

For André, the module of the course dedicated to the job market was one of the highlights. He learned how to create an objective and professional resume, as well as receiving valuable tips for the job interview. From now on, he also intends to better take advantage of all the resources that technology offers for his own growth. “I had never used technology to help me and make me advance millions of steps,” he comments.

Regarding the future, he now speaks with confidence. “I have many dreams, but the main goal is to open an architecture and design business and be the best at what I do. I seek excellence and perfection,” he concludes.